The Kemah Historical Society was founded to research and preserve the history and artifacts of Kemah and the surrounding Bay Area.


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Put you or your family into the history of Kemah by having your information on a brick or tile in the walk in front of the historic old Kemah school house at Bradford and 6th Street, under the flag pole.

  Kemah Historical Society book, Kemah, Released January 9, 2012.

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If purchased from the Sylvia's Cozy Corner, The Kemah Historical Society will receive a larger portion of the profit from the sale than if purchased elsewhere.







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History of Clear Creek Watershed by Alecya Gallaway

Taffy McDill's Speech at the Historic Schoolhouse dedication

Kemah Historical Society Mission Statement

We believe that a community and its neighborhoods are enriched and strengthened by awareness of their unique cultural, political, social and ecological history. We strive to increase this level of awareness for all who live in, visit or are curious about Kemah.

We actively collect, document and preserve artifacts and memorabilia related to Kemah’s past from the American Indians up to the significant events of the present day.

We disseminate information about Kemah’s history using programs and displays of historical persons, places, and events so that all those interested can develop their understanding and appreciation of this city and its people.

We strive to protect, preserve and educate those interested in Kemah’s natural wildlife and its unique ecological environment as a coastal prairie and bay area.

We partner with community, cultural and ecological organization’s efforts that further the growth and awareness of Kemah’s heritage and unique green space.


The Kemah Historical Society was founded by Tandace Lorae McDill in 2004. Her actions were inspired by the contributions to the City of Kemah by her aunt and uncle, Lorae and Jimmie Walker. With this organization, we recognize their contributions to Kemah from 1950-1976.

Kemah, a small town by land and population, is in a unique location with a rich and diverse history. The purpose of the Kemah Historical Society is to preserve Kemah’s history and its people. This organization was founded from the loving memory of my aunt and uncle, Lorae and Jimmie Walker. My inspiration came from their hard work and character as owners of Jimmie Walker’s Restaurant. This organization honors their legacy and contribution to Kemah from 1950-1976.

The Kemah Historical Society shall serve as a neutral and comfortable meeting place for those interested in Kemah’s history. As a group, a common bond will permit an equal voice for all Kemah citizens. The Kemah Historical Society will have no political, social, or financial gain. And, the business of the Kemah Historical Society will be conducted in an atmosphere of truth and respect.

Tandace Lorae McDill, Founder

Passed and approved by the board on June 28, 2004.

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