Feedback from Kemah Book Owners


Just wanted to say thanks for all of your hard work on the book, I think it turned out great!  I have really enjoyed looking through it and reading up on what Kemah was like before my time.  Again, thank you for all of your hard work.  I am planning on purchasing 5 more books to distribute to family members.

Kathy Pierce 
City Secretary, City of Kemah

Dear Pepper:

I was pleasantly surprised this morning to receive a package from you in the mail. It contained a copy of your book “Kemah.” What a great job you have done. I am sure you are proud of your effort and rightly so. I am really impressed with the depth of material. I love all the old photographs and stories. Thank you so much for including my family in them. I hope people who live in and visit Kemah really appreciate your book. My guess is that when I lived there in the fifties, we would not have thought we would ever have our story told. It is easy for a place as small at Kemah, caught geographically between Houston and Galveston to get lost.

 Thank you so much for the copy of the book that you sent. I really enjoyed sharing the photos and stories with you. I enjoyed getting to know you again after so many years. I hope now you can take a breather and enjoy people’s reactions to your work.

 Yours truly,
George Vance Bushnell

Pepper -
Congratulations. I just got my Kemah Book and you did a fantastic job! I know how much hard work and determination it took. You are to be commended. Just think - years from now, people will be able to see the Kemah we lived in.
Diane Gillebaard
I purchased the book yesterday and have finished it already.  It is wonderful you did an awesome job!
I found it interesting that Kemah has had a good amount of corruption from the beginning but also had a lot of good hearted people. 
Thanks for all your hard work I will treasure my book.
 Rhonda Trevino

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