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June 29, 2005,  July 5, 2005 - Phase 1 - Stabilizing The building with timbers and piers and removal of the "annex" part of the building that is not part of the original School. Tie downs will also be installed and false walls and other additions will be removed to find the original structure.

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June 29 - Front view of school. Notice the new treated timbers under the frame and the new piers. Tie downs now have to be installed.

Rear view. Notice that the steel frame used to transport the building has not yet been removed

Another view of the front of the school.

This shows the Annex (on left) being removed from the school. Notice that the old sash windows that were originally in the end of the old school have been removed and saved.

An interior view showing the temporary framing that stabilized the building while it was being moved. Also notice the patch of old wood flooring that has been uncovered (bottom center) after 70 or 80 years and many layers. It is hoped that this old flooring can be saved.

The old windows from the Annex.

July 5 - The Annex has been successfully removed from the school and placed in the dumpster in the foreground. It took 3 dumpsters. A temporary wall has been built across the end of the building to protect the interior from the elements. 

 Some old added trim is removed from building, exposing more original wood. As can be seen on the next two pictures tie downs have been added and windstorm ties have secured the frame to the bottom timbers. These were not used in the old days but are required today. You can now see where the old windows were removed and doors were added. (Looking West on rear)

Looking West on front.

Cleaned up interior shows clues to the original layout. The false wall and bird aviary have been removed revealing the original rear wall. Notice the temporary west wall at the rear of the picture. (Looking West with the rear of the building on left.)

The temporary bracing down the center of the building is still in place until evaluation of the structure can be made. The temporary west wall can be seen at the rear of the picture.  (Looking West from the Northeast corner of the building.)

Picture shows the new beam and piers under the center of the school. The mover's rails are to be moved this week.

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Two Articles about the school - Article #1 - Article #2

Have your family's history permanently placed in the walk under the flag pole at the restored old school house at Bradford and 6th Street.  Click here for details!

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