Wireless Sets - Radio prior to 1920

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Marconi - 106 D   Westinghouse Station Monitor    Murdoc - Heinze - Mesco 1912Spark Transmitter   Canadian Independent Telephone Company   Deforest Regenative Receiver T300, Flexowave Tuner CF-122, Audion Controll Box CF-185, and Audion-3Prong Base   Radio Apparatus Co. Loose Coupler & Tuner   CRL-Z-nith Tuner   KennedyType 110 Universal Receiver   Radio Apparatus Co. 4Tube High Frequency Amplifier   Pickerill Loose Coupler, Tuner, Xtal Detector   Telca Xtal 1915    SCR-49-WW1-Mule Pack Transceiver   United Wireless type E-263   Marconi-WW1-Aircraft-1   Marconi-WW1-Aircraft-2   Marconi-Amplifier-Detector   Marconi-Amp-Type-91   Telephone   Marconi-Magnetic-Detector-1   Marconi-Magnetic-Detector-2   Marconi-Magnetic-Detector-3   Marconi-Magnetic-Detector-4   Marconi-Magnetic-Detector-5   Marconi-Magnetic-Detector-6   Marconi-Magnetic-Detector-7   Marconi-Magnetic-Detector-8   Marconi-Magnetic-Detector-9   US Army Mule Pack Tranceiver   United Wireless Type E-263-3a

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