Radio as found

Restoring the model
AK 36
 Radio Chassis

Chassis & panel removed from cabinet

Disassembly - - Radio was removed from cabinet and front panel was removed from chassis

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Top of removed chassis

Back of removed chassis

Chassis is removed from front panel

The dismounting of parts and Restoration - - All the variable capacitors were removed along with the belts and pulleys.  The chassis of the radio and the frames of the capacitors were cleaned with steel wool and compound.  

Because of widespread rust several areas had lost all of their plating.  After cleaning and applying a coat of clear Rustoleum, the dark areas where all the plating was gone was coated very sparingly with silver Rustoleum using a dry brush. the chassis and parts were then recoated with clear Rustoleum to fuse the touch up.  All bakelite parts (tube sockets, etc.) were compounded to remove dead plastic .  Also audio transformers had to be touched up and coated with clear acrylic.  During painting, items on the chassis not being painted had to be masked off.  The capacitors were reinstalled and now the electrical restoration could begin.

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Electrical restoration - - After testing all the components, several problems were found.  The B+ lead to the first A.-F. section was open.  The R.-F. bypass capacitors were also bad and two grid resistors in the R.-F. section were open.  Also the contacts on the tube sockets had to be cleaned.  The bad wire in the harness for the A.-F. was solved by bringing off a new B+ off the R.-F. B+  with a a resistor and capacitor as shown below.

The entire assembly was hidden in a piece of spaghetti and is not noticeable.  The metal box coupling capacitors were heated and the guts were removed.  New orange drop capacitors were put in their place and with old spaghetti and the cans were filled with a paraffin mixture.  The cans were then reinstalled.  After assembly the set was tested and it played the first time.

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600vdc orange drop capacitors soon to be covered with paraffin mix

Capacitor reinstalled in chassis

Restored chassis

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