Restoring the model AK 36 (early) Power Cable

The power cable was in bad shape but restorable.  So much oxidation had taken place that the original color was not recognizable.  The dry thirsty material drank in a can an a half of Scotch Guard.  I had to isolate a bad wire in the cable and had to replace a missing A.C. on - off plug.  The wires that were connected to the the wiring harness "shoe" were eaten up and had to be re-soldered.  The wires that were connected to the missing A.C. on - off plug were broken off in the harness.  

The replacement wires for the plug had to be old faded green with a yellow tracer stranded wire .  Finding this was difficult.  Splicing it into the old cable was more difficult. 

First the power cable was coated with fabric glue just above the place in the cable where the plug wires broke off to keep the covering from unraveling when the cable was split open to access the buried wires.  The connections were soldered as small as possible and fabric glue was liberally applied to this small area.  A small patch was then cemented over this. 

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From a similar scrap of cable  a small patch was obtained.  First masking tape was wrapped around the area to be removed.  This area was then cut away and trimmed to size.  The patch and the area on the cable was then coated with contact cement.  The patch (cloth side to cable) was applied to the cable and the tape was carefully removed by making an incision in the tape and pulling it off to the outside.

Brown dye was mixed in a bowl and applied to the harness with a cotton ball until a uniform color close to the original un faded was obtained.  Another coat of Scotch Guard was then applied.

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