Reproducing the model AK 36 (early) A.C. on-off plug

On the very early A.K. 36 sets the A.C. on - off switch was connected to the power supply by a separate plug.  This plug was missing on this set so I had to reproduce the plug. 

The plug was made by measuring the hole in the power supply and making a plug of that diameter having the same proportions and finish as photographs of that plug.  

Two pieces of dowel and two pieces of plastic tube of the correct diameter were cut out and joined by brass wood screws to make the body of the plug.  The nibs of the plug were made from sheet brass and joined to the body by brass machine screws that were also used to attach the wires.

The plug was painted black with a rough texture on one of the plastic tubes. (The plastic was treated with methyl ethyl keytone before painting so the paint would stick.

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