Restoring the model AK 36 (early) Front Panel

Everything was removed from the front panel.  The four large brass studs were removed by striking them from behind with a tack hammer and a center punch.  All bakelite parts were removed and cleaned and compounded.  All metal parts were removed, cleaned, and coated with clear lacquer.

The paint on the panel was rough in texture and was A. K. brown.  There were scratches and bare spots but in spite of the difficulty, I decided to save the old finish.

The bad spots were filled in with a mixture of black and burnt umber acrylic tube paint to match the color and dabbed with a dry brush to match the texture.  Then three coats of clear acrylic were applied, sanding with 000 sandpaper between coats, to fuse the new paint with the old paint.  A final coat was applied holding the can about three feet from the panel to match the original texture.

The panel was then reassembled and remounted to the restored chassis. 

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