My Collection - In Exile

Many of us with large collections probably wonder what our collections would look like if it were all in one place.  Well I got that chance when I had to have my house fumigated for termites and had to remove everything with leather or natural rubber. To be sure I had to remove all my radios and store them in a 30x11 storage shed while they tented my house.  Below are two maps, one above the table, and one below the table to show you what this looks like.  You will notice that I was not able to get a right-rear picture because I could not get to an area where I could take a shot.  I also took a few sets (including four catlins and a Firth) to my sister in law and not to storage.  As you might guess, this was an awful mess and a lot of work. Click on smaller images to see the large picture.

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